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Call 800-545-5771

Almost 20% of high school grads haven't developed basic reading proficiency by the time they don their cap and gown and roughly 20-23% of U.S. adults are reading at the basic, or below basic levels of proficiency.


Don’t let your students become part of this statistic…

Learn how to accurately diagnose reading deficits and implement a comprehensive, multi-tiered reading program that will address the needs of your most struggling students.

  • Identify the specific literacy and learning needs of your middle and high school students.
  • Bolster your students’ decoding, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  • Improve students’ accuracy and fluency in oral reading, silent reading and writing.
  • Increase students’ literary and academic vocabularies, as well as background knowledge.
  • Reduce student failure on formative, summative, district and statewide assessments.
  • Address behavior problems of students related to academic failure and frustration.
  • Help decrease early drop out, teen pregnancy, generational illiteracy, criminal tendencies.
  • Contribute to a more educated and financially stable society.
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