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Chat with our experts, who can answer your questions and offer advice on improving the social environment in your classrooms and common areas. Use the form below to send us your question.

Question: I work hard to pre-teach and use corrective teaching strategies but find that my students are still working on the skill of staying on task. It becomes challenging when I need to use corrective teaching strategies because the other students can't focus on their independent reading. They are very impatient and need constant new stimulation to keep them engaged in learning rather than arguing or physically fighting.

What do you recommend?

Question: Whose job is it to teach manners -- the school or the home?

Question: What are some ways to increase parental involvement in school?

Question: What should I do if a student acts out as a way to get attention?

Question: I seem to be spending all my time with kids who misbehave -- is that fair to my entire class?

Question: I keep correcting the same behaviors over and over. What should I do?

Question: My school is implementing Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS), how does the Boys Town Education Model (BTEM) fit?

Question: How can I teach to behavior when I'm already overwhelmed by the requirements of the new academic standards?

Question: Our school uses a 3 strike policy, how does that fit into your model?

Question: When I correct students, their disrespectful behavior just gets worse. Am I doing it wrong?

Question: How do I get kids to stop using technology in my classroom when they shouldn't be?

Question: Why should I praise kids for doing what I expect them to do?

Question: Why do we have to give reasons for engaging in appropriate behavior?

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