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Empowering Learning Communities | Transforming Social Climates

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Don't let your academic mission be derailed by ineffective and arbitrary discipline decisions.

Learn how to implement a referral process that’s clear, consistent and, most importantly, supports the varying social and emotional needs of all students.

  • Choose consequences that focus on a multi-tiered system of support
  • Reduce severe discipline problems by looking at the whole child, whole school and whole community
  • Make data-based discipline decisions
  • React positively to disruptive situations
  • Improve administrative intervention processes
  • Teach problem-solving and other essential social skills
  • Implement restorative practices
  • Help students successfully return to class and continue to learn

Training options:

  • Well-Managed Schools Administrative Intervention
  • Specialized Classroom Management Administrative Intervention

We have online, distance learning options for all of our professional development workshops due to provide options due to covid-19 restrictions and safety concerns. Contact us to talk through a plan that will work for you and your staff.

You can have this workshop where you are. On-site training delivers the three Cs...

  • Customization...content tailored specifically to your staff development needs
  • Convenience...training when and where it's most convenient for you
  • Consistency...all your staff receive the same message at the same time for consistent implementation

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Attend a Well-Managed Schools Administrative Intervention Virtual Workshop:

  • Check back soon for 2023 Training Dates

Specialized Classroom Management Administrative Intervention Workshops:

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The Administrative Intervention workshop introduces you to the key components of the Boys Town Education Model®, a multi-tiered, school-based intervention program that provides all students with the positive behavior support they need to succeed.

The Model is a proactive, whole child solution to classroom challenges. Schools that have implemented the Model experience notable changes...

  • Reduced referrals and disruptive behaviors
  • Increased academic engagement and instruction time
  • Increased on-task behaviors
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Increased student, parent and staff connection to school

Apply the strategies you learn in the Administrative Intervention workshop to turn crisis situations into teaching opportunities. Discover how to apply appropriate consequences to improve behavior and prepare students for a successful return to the classroom through social and emotional teaching.

  • Lectures, videos and demonstrations
  • Group activities, role-plays and feedback sessions
  • Take-home materials, including an information-packed participant manual
  • Seasoned professional trainers with real-life classroom experience

13603 Flanagan Blvd
Boys Town, NE 68010



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