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End of School Year Parties

As many of us know by now, we will not be heading back to the classrooms this school year. Typically, we’d throw a big send-off on the last day of school and tell our kids, “Good luck,” “See you next year,” or “I’ll miss you!” So, how do we end the year with our students?

Seeing our students at the end of the year provides closure – not only for students but for teachers and staff as well. It’s an important building block in any student/teacher relationship.

Here are a few ideas to make the end of the year special, while being apart:

The end of this school year will definitely be unusual, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave things unfinished. Say good-bye, have a good summer, and let them know that we will be here for them when they return to us! We hope you find a way to connect with your kids and have some fun!

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