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It is hard to find the words to talk about what is happening in the world today. The situation is fluid to say the least and this fluidity can be a definite source of stress and anxiety not only for us but for our students.

For many students, the structure and predictability of going to school every day can be a source of comfort. However, with schools now taking extended time off, parents may find keeping their children focused and productive in these times of turbulence rather difficult.

Here are a few skills you may suggest to parents to help the completion of academic tasks at home go more smoothly for their children:

1. Asking for Help.

2. Staying on Task.

3. Accepting Criticism (we recommend this skill for older children).

4. Analyzing Tasks to be Completed (we recommend this skill for older children).

We've compiled a downloadable guide with the skill steps for each of these skills as well as a suggested lesson plan. Download here.

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