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Dealing with a pandemic can be frightening for all. The uncertainty that comes with our daily routines being interrupted and worrying about our loved ones being affected can increase stress and anxiety in all of us. At this time, it can be especially helpful if we can assure our children that we will make it through this disruption, and everything will be okay.

As we communicate with parents during this time, keeping them informed as to how to deal with behaviors may be just as important as how to help them help their children keep up with academics.

Reinforcing skills such as staying calm is very important during this time. With 24-hour news and information overload your students will need consistent reminders on how to stay calm and it would be a good idea to teach/reinforce some additional calm down/relaxation strategies. In addition to staying calm and trying to reduce stress, students may be dealing with more feelings of disappointment and frustration as activities are cancelled and they are experiencing changes to their schedules, activities, and in their eyes their freedoms.

Teaching skills such as Dealing with Frustration and Dealing with Fear can help students develop the social and emotional skills they need to navigate this current world situation. These simple short conversations can help students feel more prepared to deal with the spectrum of feelings they are experiencing.

Here are a few skills you may suggest to parents to help alleviate stress and anxiety in their child:

1. Asking for Help.

2. Dealing with Fear.

3. Dealing with Frustration.

4. Expressing Feelings.

We have put together a packet of skill steps that may help your students this time. Download here.

If you have any questions or need support, you can use our ask the trainer form here.

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