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Empowering Learning Communities | Transforming Social Climates

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Trainings to help you engage parents, strengthen families and keep everyone connected!

Common Sense Parenting is an internationally acclaimed parent education program and the perfect complement to the Boys Town Education Model®. Both share the same philosophy and promote the same principles. Put the two together, and you can....

  • Extend positive behavior support to every corner of your learning community.
  • Create a common language of trust and understanding between school staff and families.
  • Give students consistent behavioral expectations and more positive reinforcement every day.

Training includes:

  • Common Sense Parenting Authorized Parent Trainer
  • Common Sense Parenting of Toddlers and Preschoolers Authorized Parent Trainer

You can have this workshop where you are. On-site training delivers...

  • Convenience...training when and where it's most convenient for you
  • Consistency...all your staff receive the same message at the same time for consistent implementation

Contact us today!

Attend one of our National Workshops in the Village of Boys Town, Nebraska, nestled securely in the city of Omaha. Register online today for a workshop at Boys Town.

  • Extensive role play, discussion and feedback sessions
  • Video demonstrations
  • A complete curriculum, with training materials and participation certificates, so you can organize and lead Common Sense Parenting classes in your community
  • Deliver an essential social service that has life-long benefits to children and families
  • Strengthen community engagement by making your school a resource center for parents
  • Empower parents with the skills and confidence to support their children’s academic goals

13603 Flanagan Blvd
Boys Town, NE 68010



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