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Empowering Learning Communities | Transforming Social Climates

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SEL from Philosophy to Practice: Strategies to Create a Climate of Connection

In a world where it’s more common to stare at a screen than offer a smile, teaching social-emotional skills has never been more important. But how do you teach to someone’s character??

Boys Town National Training can lay out the building blocks to do just that with our professional development options.

Learn more about our multi-tiered intervention strategy that includes a social skills curriculum to help empower students in making better behavior decisions and a proactive approach to behavior mananagement. We can teach you and your staff how to set kids up for success and transform the climate of your classrooms and entire buildings.

You’re teaching our next generation – make sure they shine as bright as you know they are with Boys Town’s help.

Download the Boys Town Education Model Overview to learn more!

Call us at 800-545-5711 or send us an email training@boystown.org

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13603 Flanagan Blvd
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