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Empowering Learning Communities | Transforming Social Climates

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Adopt a comprehensive social skills curriculum!

Discover how you can create and sustain an orderly, effective learning environment. This training teaches you how to...

  • Integrate a multi-tiered system of support
  • Manage student behavior proactively
  • Integrate IEP goals, behavior plans and social skills instruction to focus on the whole child
  • Empower students to problem solve, make better choices and self-advocate
  • Recognize and consistently respond to problem behaviors AND positive behaviors
  • Regulate any learning environment—individual or group settings—to increase student success

You can have this workshop where you are. On-site training delivers the three Cs...

  • Customization...content tailored specifically to your staff development needs
  • Convenience...training when and where it's most convenient for you
  • Consistency...all your staff receive the same message at the same time for consistent implementation

Contact us today!

Attend one of our National Workshops in the Village of Boys Town, Nebraska, nestled securely in the city of Omaha. Register online today for a workshop at Boys Town.

A Research-Based Education Model that delivers Real-World Results

The Teaching Social Skills in Schools workshop introduces you to key components of the Boys Town Education Model®, a multi-tiered, school-based intervention program that provides all students with the positive behavior support they need to succeed.

The Model is a proactive, whole child solution to classroom challenges. Schools that implement the Model experience notable changes...

  • Reduced referrals and disruptive behaviors
  • Increased academic engagement and instruction time
  • Increased on-task behaviors
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Increased student, parent and staff connection to school

Apply the strategies you learn in the Teaching Social Skills in Schools workshop to give students who have unique behavioral, emotional and social needs the tools to be successful!

  • Lectures, videos and demonstrations
  • Group activities, role-plays and feedback sessions
  • Take-home materials, including an information-packed participant manual
  • Seasoned professional trainers with real-life classroom experience

13603 Flanagan Blvd
Boys Town, NE 68010



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