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Virtual Auctions: Resources for Educators

Tips & Strategies to Help You Plan for Your Next Online Auction in the Classroom

NEW! Downloadable Auction Coupons from Boys Town National Training Print these coupons or send them virtually to students as prizes from the auction. This is a great way to incorporate FREE prizes, while still giving kids positive rewards.

FREE Downloadable Auction Numbers for Bidding Download these numbers & assign one to each child. The child will hold up the number either in person, or on video to claim an item during the auction.

A Letter to Send Home to Parents Send this postcard home to parents and ask for donations to the auction. Donations could include a basketball that's no longer in use at your house, or maybe even clothing that's hardly been worn.

Here are a few more resources we recommend from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Other educators have suggested using Class Dojo to track points, and award students with prizes after they have hit a certain threshold.

We also love Wheel of Names for randomly generating winners or prizes. You can enter each student's name or each prize into the wheel, spin the wheel and choose winners that way. It's a fun and interactive way to do an online auction.

Running an online auction doesn't have to be complicated! You can start out by instructing students to raise their virtual hand (on Zoom) to place a bid, or utilize the chat box.

You can also find virtual tickets or coupons on Teachers Pay Teachers to send to students. They can add up their tickets during the quarter or semester and then cash them in at the end of the year.

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