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Call 800-545-5771


Come See Our Beautiful Campus!

A Research-Based Education Model that delivers Real-World Results - more


Apply the strategies you learn in the Well-Managed Schools workshop to successfully address the behavioral, emotional and academic needs of your students!


This two-day training features - more

Create positive, calm classrooms.


Dynamic training to bring structure, support and success

to your learning community!

  • Motivate students with challenging behavioral, emotional, academic and social needs
  • Reduce severe discipline problems
  • Improve administrative intervention processes
  • React positively to problem situations
  • Help students regain and maintain self-control
  • Teach problem-solving and other essential social-skills
Kids raising their hands in class
Teen boy
Group of high school teens talking during lunch
Two teens sitting on stairs talking at school
School Children at an assembly listening to a speaker

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